Saturday, April 08, 2006


Hello, fellow bloggers.

My name is Harry and my partner Eddie and I live in Palm Springs, CA. I'm a hopeless foodie and have been for years. My last career ended in a hand disability and I went to the California Culinary Academy in 1995 for 16 months and graduated in April of 1996. Shortly thereafter we moved to the desert. Quickly, regretably, we found the desert to be just that, a culinary desert, with none of the fabulous food finds and amenities available in the Bay Area. That said, we love it here and would never entertain the idea of moving back up north. Foodwise, things have improved over the last ten years here -- some better places to shop, a bit more variety in the grocery stores and more restaurants. Along with the huge migration to the desert has followed a lot of the big-city attitudes and snobbishness we hoped we had left behind in San Francisco.

I have enjoyed following many of your blogs recently and hope to contribute now and then some of our recipes, good and bad, as the case may be. But ultimately we hope to have some fun with this new form of communcation.

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matt said...

Welcome Harry! (even if I'm finding your blog MUCH later, hehe)

I love your site, and your selections are right up my alley. I hear you about the desert lacking some exciting food finds, but hey, you live in one of the most majestic places in the US with endless sunshine, so I suppose it can be worthwhile :)

Keep up the great work! You've got a new reader here in Long Beach.