Friday, May 26, 2006

Death of a Refrigerator

Well, we knew this day was coming. We tried to ignore it. We stuck our heads in the sand. But there's no avoiding it anymore. Our fridge-freezer is dying! As a result there will be no food brought into this house until the new one is delivered, hopefully tomorrow sometime.

Not bad timing, though; it's Memorial Day weekend and we are fully booked, so there's really no need to cook.

When we get to clearing out the freezer, I'm sure we'll come across many items, the likes of which I'm sure we've long since forgotten about. "Oh, yeah, I was wondering what happened to that. I could have used that last month when I made that batch of stock." "Hey, there's that bag of overly ripe bananas I put away for smoothies." "What is that??!!" And so on. So we'll start over with a beautiful new machine, swear we'll only put things in there that will be used within a certain period of time, and then sometime down the road end up with a fully packed freezer again. I know how we are.

If only I were more like my mother, the freezer queen. She'd keep taped to the side of the machine an inventory, no kidding, that she actually would use. As something was pulled out, a line was drawn through it. Honestly, she'd be able to have company over and not even go the store for groceries. Complete meals ready to serve at a moment's notice. Granted, sometimes the combinations sound a bit bizarre, but it always worked and tasted great. As she got older, things started to age a bit past their prime; e.g., bags of sunflower seeds, ziplock bags of walnuts, a bag with a handful of frozen peas and carrots, etc. She just couldn't throw anything out. Who could blame her?

Anyway, the Electolux should be here tomorrow and then we can just stand back and stare at its stainless steel beauty.


Jenny Lee said...

I tried to type up a long comment about how to make a recipe index but the system wouldn't accept for some reason. Anyway, you need to create a whole new blog for your recipe index. Then you type in a link for your recipe index blog on your current food blog.

ellen said...

isn't life grand when you get excited about a stainless steel beauty!!