Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Paht Tahi Noodles

Received this recipe for paht thai noodles from our weekly newsletter from The Splendid Table.

The recipe comes from Quick & Easy Thai by Nancy McDermott. The grocery list was short and the ingredients were easy to find. Instead of buying a full package of rice noodles as called for in the recipe, I just used up a quarter pound of spaghetti from the pantry. Like most stir fry type dishes, it's best to do all your mise en place ahead of time and have everything ready to go. Even the pasta can be cooked ahead, drained, rinsed and held until you're ready to cook the dish. As suggested, I used on-hand cashews instead of buying a jar of dry-roasted peanuts. Hey, who doesn't like cashews? For Eddie's sake, I cut the crushed pepper flakes in half, from one-half to one-quarter teaspoon, and at that it was still nice and spicy. There was enough for four, actually, but we both had seconds and finished off the whole thing. Eddie thinks I should have used the rice noodles, so next time I'll take his suggestion.

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Cate said...

The noodle dish looks delicious!