Friday, September 01, 2006

A Few Things I Intend to Make Sometime Soon

I've copied and saved for future cooking sessions a couple of really great recipes from the blog Simply Recipes. The first is Jalapeno Pepper Jelly. Elise used a base of whole chopped apples and jalapenos to yield juice to which sugar is added. The pectin from the whole apples is enough to jel the mixture, so commercial pectin is not needed.

I've been a fan of hot pepper jellies for years and use it on a variety of foods. If you can find it, it's especially tasty on top of a neutral cracker topped with a horseradish-type cheese. I prefer it instead of cranberry sauce on my turkey sandwich. And for breakfast on buttered toast, fantastic.

Okay. Moving on to another of Elise's entries. Summer Pea Soup is just what I like to make when it's hot and all you need is a quick cook and the blender. I can definitely see this one being made for company.

Finally, there is Spanish Baked Chicken. I love Spanish cuisine, and this has many of the ingredients I look for. It looks like a simple dish to prep, and the payoff has to be out of this world. My mouth is dripping just thinking about this one.

Thank you, Elise!

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