Thursday, January 11, 2007

Much Colder Weather, and Some Grammar

Our desert weather has turned decidedly wintery, seasonal; and I just won't have it. Today our high was only 65, and I know that makes me sound like a weenie, but for us that's really cool.

Extended Forecast 7-day Forecast
Friday 54°F | 34°F
Saturday 54°F | 32°F
Sunday 58°F | 36°F
Monday 62°F | 39°F
Tuesday 65°F | 41°F
Wednesday 67°F | 43°F

I don't really care how cold it gets as long as it doesn't snow at the Grapevine on I-5 Sunday on our way up to San Francisco.

May I point out a mistake that I'm seeing almost every day on many, many blogs? I do this as an ex-court reporter, and it's a major pet peeve. Okay. Here goes. Don't hate me, please.

The misuse of the words "to" and "too" is rampant, so I want to put out a few definitions from to perhaps clarify.

"To" is a preposition, and definitions and examples of its use are at this site.

"Too" is an adverb, and definitions and examples of its use are at this site.

Okay, I'll shut up about it now and will try never to mention it again.

Any suggestions for cheap eats while in San Francisco? Only get up there once a year and haven't really kept up with the restaurant scene.

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