Saturday, July 05, 2008

We're Moving!

That's right, we're moving next week to Vail, AZ, a suburb of Tucson. So we're totally stressed out, trying to get everything ready for Wednesday. May I say this? A disorderly and messy house really sucks! We've reduced the kitchen to a skeletal minimum of dishes and cookware: 3 bowls, 3 cups, 3 mugs and lots of paper plates and plastic flatware. For cooking we're down to a Farberware electric skillet, a waffle iron with reversible plates, the Weber grill and the oven. Hey, we get by remarkably well, and there's not much to clean up afterwards.
Here's a photo of our new home in Vail. Sort of out in the country, about a 20-minute drive into central Tucson. A whole different lifestyle with lots of elbow room. Fantastic mountain views too. Can't wait for it all to be over next week.

We'll keep posting on our adventure.

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Jancd said...

Just found your site the other day and found it interesting. Good luck with the move. Your new home looks fabulous. Can't wait to see it. Jancd