Saturday, September 06, 2008

Incredible Blueberry Pancakes




Last month when I bought a large container of blueberries at Costco, I made Kevin's blueberry blintzes and froze the rest for another day. Well, today was the day. The recipe came from Cream Puffs in Venice; I think the great photo of the pancakes did it for me.

Actually, since the recipe included the name "Mrs. Biederhof," and I'm a huge Mildred Pearce fan (raise the gay red flags here), I just had to give them a try. Actually, the recipe is from the Mildred Pearce restaurant in Toronto.

I had actually mixed together the dry ingredients last month and set them aside. So this morning, all I had to do was combine the buttermilk, eggs and melted butter. After a quick but thorough mixing of the dry and wet, the batter was ready for the griddle. I used a standard ice cream scoop to measure; that way, they'd all be the same size and Eddie and I wouldn't have to fight over who got the biggest portion. After scooping out the batter onto the griddle, I just scattered frozen blueberries on top, waited for that large-bubbly stage that pancakes get, and then turned them over for a few minutes.

I served them with slow-scrambled eggs and a family favorite, although somewhat odd, a slice of cheddar cheese. Don't laugh; the sweet from the berries and maple syrup goes really well with the tang of the cheese.

For reference, here's a link to the recipe.

I thought these were without a doubt the best pancakes I've EVER had! I loved them so much, I made up a triple batch of the dry ingredients and stored them in a big clip-top jar for the future. Also, I weighed it out, did the math, and figured out how much in grams I need for half a batch, as a full batch is too much to eat, although I froze the remaining six for toaster reheating. Notice that I use Grade B syrup for pancakes; it has a lot more maple flavor than the Grade A.

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