Wednesday, August 06, 2008

El Sur Mexican Restaurant on E. 22nd Street

After running our errands this morning in town, we headed over to El Sur Mexican Restaurant for lunch. Mike, the technician from ADT Security who installed our system, recommended the place with lots of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, we arrived five minutes past noon, and the place was totally filled with a waiting list. We only had to sit for 10 minutes before a table opened up (notwithstanding the two guys who jumped the line and helped themselves to a table). Delicious chips and two salsas, hot and mild, were brought to the table promptly, and soon thereafter our orders were taken. Eddie had the special , chicken mole, and I had one of the everday lunch items, the two green corn tamales and ground beef taco. The wait was very short, maybe five minutes or so. A second server came to the table and offered sauteed onions and roasted jalapenos, which I had never seen before.

This was the first time for Eddie and the mole, and he loved it. At my suggestion, he spooned some of the shredded chicken and mole sauce into a grilled flour tortilla and topped it with the onions. He loved that a lot. My green corn tamales were incredible -- savory and sweet at the same time. Delicious. And the taco was good too, perfectly seasoned and just the right amount of lettuce, tomato and cheese. Honestly, mine was just too much food, and I didn't even touch the foil-wrapped flour tortillas.

So with the tip, it came to under $16. What a deal! And now we don't have to worry about dinner, because we'll still be too full from lunch to think about it.

Highly recommeded, and we'll go back lots of times. only not at noon. Good food, good prices and friendly servers. It's located at 5602 E. 22nd Street, just east of Craycroft in Tucson.

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