Friday, August 08, 2008

Great Chinese Buffet, Zero Atmosphere

If you want a Chinese buffet for lunch with atmosphere, don't go to the New China Buffet on North Wilmot in Tucson. If you want a Chinese buffet with very tasty food for little money, go to the New China Buffet on North Wilmot in Tucson.

We are often in this area of town (it's sort of kitty-corner from Beyond Bread) and have eaten here probably five times now, and since we've only lived here a month, I'd say that's a lot. Lunch for two was just pennies over $15, so the price is very reasonable. Dinner is a few bucks more. Everything is really good, but we seem to really go for the appetizers, especially the small butterflied fried shrimp, the pot stickers, fried chicken and egg rolls. Eddie skips it, but I usually get a small bowl of the hot and sour soup. Entrees include the usually fare such as General Tsao chicken, lemon chicken, broccoli beef, seafood stir fry, to name a few, but the list is quite long. For anyone so inclined, there's a nice salad bar with lots of fresh fruit. If there's any room left, we'll sample the desserts (just to clear the palate).

I suppose this will be one of our regular places, as we know what to expect and how much we'll pay for it. It's definitely not fancy, but the food makes up for lack of decor and atmosphere. The wait staff is efficient, but a bit reserved. A smile goes a long way.

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